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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tiger at home as a pet for a baby?

IN PICTURES: Jerusalem family gets an unusual pet
By Reuters
Tags: Jerusalem Zoo, Sumatran Tiger

A vet at the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem has brought her young daughter a very unusual pet - a Sumatran tiger cub.

Nili Avni Magen brought Sylvester, an 8-week-old cub, back to her home near Jerusalem last week after he was abandoned by his mother.

The zoo says that the Sumatran tiger is an endangered species with only about 400 living in the wild, but to little Gali Avni Magen, Sylvester is just a cuddly playmate.

Gali and Sylvester (Reuters)

Sylvester at home (Reuters)

Vet Nili Avni Magen feeding Sylvester (Reuters)

Gali and Sylvester (Reuters)

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