Team of Monkeys

Monkeys working in teams and generated as Mazes

Friday, December 31, 2004

Monkeys can do it all

Associated News (AN) - Katamon
Delegates from far and wide where stunned today to learn that a group of young monkeys where able to achieve a goal by working smarter rather than harder. "Its pure teamwork" says Keith Nanwood, who would not reveal his occupation, "you can just see them working together to accomplish what none of them would be able to achieve on their own accord"
A group of PETA activist remained outside the compound of famed STOM Research facilities but where quickly dispersed when a one of the activists, Sven Svensson of Avesta Sweden, pointed out that to not permit the monkeys to work in teams would be cruelty. "They have a certain tranquility in their eyes when they work, I would imagine it is what they want to be doing" says Svensson.
(Yonatan Frimer contributed to this report)


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