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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Micronanon Capacitor Operate Flawlessly In Sunspot Free Zones

(Associated News) - Copenhagen Justify Full
Scientist were eager to announce the success of a Micronanon Capacitor that operated flawlessly in a sun-spot free zone. Scientists claim that manikind will never be the same now that micronanons can be harnessed. "This is as significant as the Wright Brothers learning to fly, not just build the airplane" said Roger Davis, a lab assistant monitoring ozone levels during the experiment, "This is a new era for machines and computers to work together."
Micronnanons are very similar to nanons, but can be guided without the use of wires or tubes. Micronanons are classified as a SGD (Small Guidable Device) and can only operate in a a zone that is protected of sunspots, a feat that has only been achieved by the Swedish Scientist, Prof. Sven Svensson, inventor of the Sunspot Zone Protector.

STOM Research shamelessly utilized this opportunity to involve their preposterous plan of Organized Monkey Teams. "Micronanon technology is ideal for use with a team of monkeys" Said Gavin Rutermaker, a spokesman STOM Research "This will do for monkeys what the assembly line did for the automobile." Many have questions the feasibility and/or scalability of using monkey teams, despite STOM Researches ability to repeatedly prove otherwise.

STOM Research did not return any calls inquiring to the whereabouts for Dr. Verbroucher at press time.